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For many years, the Tennessee Fire Safety Inspectors Association’s Educational Conference has offered attendees a format that offers a general session Keynote address, three breakout classes which repeat in the afternoon, and a general session closing program at the end of the week.

Previous Keynote and Closing Presenters since 2010:


NFPA & Emerging Issues for Fire Safety Advocates

(Kelly Ransdell, NFPA)


NFPA Emerging Issues and How to Stay Current

(Kelly Ransdell, NFPA)

2021 (December)

I-Joists and Fire Safety

(Raymond O'Brocki, American Wood Council)

2021 (February)

Tennessee State Fire Marshal's Office Updates, Q&A


Smart Buildings are Safe Buildings, Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Systems

Max McLeod (Siemens)


NFPA 3000 / Food Trucks: Recipe for Success

Steven Sawyer (National Fire Protection Association)


A Reflection on 50 Years of TFSIA – Past, Present, Future

Shane Ray (National Fire Sprinkler Association)


Nine Years After the Sofa Super Store Fire: Leading in Challening Times-The Charleston Experience

Deputy Chief John B Tippett, Jr & Chief Fire Marshal Michale Julazadeh (Charleston SC Fire Department)

Turning Tragedy into Advocacy

Sher Grogg (Common Voices)


Vision 20/20

Jim Crawford (Vision 20/20)

Observations from 30,000 feet

Tim Sendelback (Firehouse)


Robert Feeney, Station Nightclub Survivor

Leadership 365

Bob Norton (Tenzinga)


Changing the Culture of Fire Prevention

Ray Reynolds (IA SFMO) & Tammy Peavy (MS SFMO)

Sovereign Citizens

Brice Allen (TN Fustion Center)


Ethics 101: What Every Person Needs to Do

Kevin Hammons

Tale of Two Helmets: The National Football League and the Fire Service

Erron Kinney (former NFL Tennessee Titan, Fire Chief)


Ron Farr (Michigan State Fire Marshal)


Wayne Powell (Marriott International)

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