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Looking to submit your classes/hours to the International Code Council for continuing education credit?

The Tennessee Fire Safety Inspectors Association is an ICC Preferred Provider which means you not only obtain credit towards renewing your Tennessee Code Inspector certification but you can also use the hours towards the three-year recertification cycle.  Effective July 2016, ICC requires that 50% of CEUs applied to a certificate renewal must be obtained through a Preferred Provider.  As as example, if you have Fire Inspector I certification through ICC, you must obtain 15 hours or 1.5 CEU over the course of three years.  At least 8 of the 15 hours (0.8) must be from a Preferred Provider.

The annual education conference provides, on average, 18 hours or 1.8 CEU.  As TFSIA is a Preferred Provider, this means you can easily meet not only your ICC renewal but also exceed the 0.8 CE credits required for a single certification!

Helpful links:

ICC - Maintain / Renew Certification

ICC - Certification Renewal Bulletin

ICC How to Submit CEU on myICC

TFSIA's guide to submitting your conference classes for ICC credit:

Visit https://my.iccsafe.org/login.  Enter your email and password to sign in.

Click/tap on the MY CEUs hyperlink (shown below) on your Dashboard.

Click the Submit CEUs button to the right (as shown below).

Enter each conference class you attended as a separate CEU submittal.

Information you will need:

Under CEU Activity Option, select 03-Participation as a student or instructor in an on-site seminar or technical session delivered by an ICC Preferred Provider.

For CEU Provider, type "Tennessee" and a short list of options should appear.  Select "Tennessee Fire Safety Inspectors Association."

At CEU Activity Name, select "Other" after clicking in the field box.

A new information box will appear.  Enter the course name as listed in your attendance summary.  It's recommended to include the ICC course code after the class name.

Check the "Student" box as Activity Role.

For Activity  Quantity, enter the number of hours assigned/approved.  For most general sessions, classes are 2.0 clock hours.  For most morning and afternoon sessions, classes are 3.5 clock hours each.

When you click the calendar field, select the date of the class attended.

Make sure to enable/select the button to certify you accurately represented the CEU activity.

Click Save.

See the example below for the I-Joist class provided during the 2021 December Conference.

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