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TFSIA 2017


Registration for the 2017 Edcuational Conference and 50th Anniversay Celebration is now open!


50th Annual TFSIA Conference

Oct. 31 - Nov. 3, 2017

Embassy Suites Hotel/Conference Center

Murfreesboro, TN


Registration is now open!

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The following classes have been presented at previous TFSIA Educational Conferences:




Flexible Sprinkler Heads 101 - Eric McWhirter (Victaulic)

Why Codes Matter / ICC cdpAccess - Robert Neale (ICC)

NFPA 80, Standard for Fire Doors - Kristin Bigda, P.E. (NFPA)

2012 ICC Commercial Kitchen Hoods - Terrell Stripling (ICC)

Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Fire Sprinkler Systems - Jason Webb (NFSA)

ISO for Inspectors - David Miller (ISO)



2015 - 

Evaluating Performance-Based Design - David Kerr (Deputy Chief/Fire Marshal, Plano TX), presented by Knox Company

Firestopping: Ensuring Life Safety Through Knowledgeable Plan Review and Field Inspection - John Valiulis (Hilti)

NFPA 1123: Code for Fireworks Display - Lansden Hill, Jr. (Pyro Shows)

Mass Notification, Clean Agents, Fire Alarm Communications - Max McLeod (Siemens Industry)

Leading Company-Based Fire Prevention & Inspection Activity - Michael Evans (Deputy Chief, Brighton Area Fire Authority, MI)

NFPA 1126: Pyrotechnics Before a Proximate Audience - Michael Walden (Pyro Shows)



2014 - 

Inspector Right of Entry - Robert Davidson (Fire Marshal, South Brunswick NJ, Ret.)

The IFC & Healthcare Occupancies - Jonathan Flannery (American Society for Healthcare Engineering)

Fire Alarms: NFPA 72 (2010), Fire Detection Innovations, and Fire Alarm Intelligibility - Maria Marks (Siemens)

Enhancing Public Safety with Customer Service - Bruce Johnson (International Code Council)

Daycares and NFPA - Joe Versteeg (Versteeg Associates, CT)

Fire Codes and Ammonia Refrigeration - Jeff Shapiro (International Code Consultants)



2013 - 

Fire Prevention Customer Service and a Fire Marshal's Role in Reducing Fire - Michael O'Brian (Fire Chief, Brighton Area Fire Auhority, MI)

NFPA 3 & 4 - Warren Olsen (FSCI) & Dan Finnegan (Siemens)

Challenges of Wireless Fire Alarm Systems - Art Black (Carmel Fire Protection Associates, CA)

Leading a Fire Prevention Division; Cooperation between Building Officials & Fire Marshals - Tony Apfelback (Fire Marshal/Building Official, Altamonte Springs, FL)

Changes to the 2012 IFC - Terrell Stripling (International Code Council)

Fighting Fires in Sprinklered Buildings - Robert Fisher (FM Global)



2012 - 

2006 IBC Solving Means of Egress in Commercial Buildings - Terrell Stripling (International Code Council)

Life Safety Code for Healthcare Occupancies - Chip Carson (Carson Associates, Inc., VA)

It's More Than Codes & Standards: Reducing Fires Through Leadership - Michael O'Brian (Fire Chief, Brighton Area Fire Authority, MI)

NFPA 72: Changes from 2007 to 2010 Editions - Richard Roux (NFPA)

Practical Fire Sprinkler Inspections - Michael O'Brian (Fire Chief, Brighton Area Fire Authority, MI)

Codes and Firefighter Safety - Sean DeCrane (Cleveland Division of Fire, OH)



2011 - 

Commissioning & Acceptance Testing of Sprinkler Systems - John Corso (National Fire Sprinkler Association)

NFPA 72, Fire Alarm Systems - Warren Olsen (Fire Safety Consultants, Inc., IL)

Dust Explosions - Patrick Thornton & Tom Christman (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TN)

Fire Pump Basics - Mark Blackwelder (D&F Distributors)

NFPA 101, Life Safety Code (2006 ed.) - Jim Dolan (NFPA)

Managing Prevention & Investigation Bureaus - Brett Lacey (Colorado Springs Fire Department, CO)

CPVC Piping Installation Requirements & Procedures - John Corso (National Fire Sprinkler Association)


2010 - 

Prevention: The Key to Firefighter & Economic Survival - Mike Chiaramonte (Lynbrook NY Fire, Ret.)

Above Ground Storage Tanks, Flammable & Combustible Liquids - Scott Stookey (International Code Council)

Fire Main Installation and Standard of Care - Randall Barnes, PE

Ethics for Inspectors & Legal Department Assistance - Shauna Billingsley & Kristen Corn (Attorneys, City of Franklin, TN)

Computer Modeling for Code Officials - Dr. Jim Munger (James G Munger & Associates, AL/PA) & Rick Merck (Montgomery Co. MD)

Industrial Fire Hazards & Specialized Extinguishing Systems - Greg Jakubowski

The Importance of Progress Inspections on Large Projects: A Hospital Case Study - Keith Frangiamore (Fire Safety Consultants, Inc. IL)

Fire Service Elevator Controls and High Rise Requirements - Mel Cosgrove (International Code Council)